Exclusively You

Exclusively You offers traditional dieting at its best! If you enjoy preparing meals from grocery store foods, this flagship diet program is the ideal choice for you. Let us help you secure the keys to weight loss success through wiser food choices, better portion control and healthier meal preparation tips.

Instant Shape Up



Does balancing family, career and other responsibilities finds you constantly on the go? If so, then Instant Shape Up may be the perfect diet plan to bring convenience and flexibilty to meeting your weight loss goals. A versatile one to seven day diet program, Instant Shape Up is a higher protein/lower carb meal replacement plan that features the convenience of nutritious meal replacement bars and shakes

Diet Fast



Have weight loss goals but having difficulty finding a diet that works? Total convenience meets total nutrition in this totally healthy meal replacement plan. This innovative, easy-to-follow diet plan features DIETFAST Bars, Shake/Puddings and Drinks which have been specially formulated to help your body burn fat, control hunger and support metabolism.

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The counselors at The Diet Center of Winston-Salem can help clients find the best program to suit your lifestyle.

“The counselors are very helpful and supportive.” The Diet Center counselors are fully trained — and personally experienced — in providing the knowledge and support necessary to help make these changes in your life.

Mary Hales, RN at WFUBMC

The Diet Center of Winston-Salem can help you become the person you want to be.

Barbara Berube

Barbara Berube

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